Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lots of Love

Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 5:11 AM
Whatcha Think? 
I'm finally writing again because of you.

YOU who never fail to make me smile;
YOU who never try to disappoint me;
YOU who refresh my blog not just every once in awhile;
And also YOU who always want me to be happy.

It's October 3rd, 2013 and before we know it, 8 months have passed in a blink of an eye since that day. For those moments we've cherished—even years before that—thank you with all my heart.

Yes, yes. You may jump up and down now since this post is meant solely for you because I feel bad for letting this lonely blog empty for too long. Seeing how cute you are waiting and refreshing and pouting and sulking again and again because of my long blogging hiatus; I hope this has made your day.

You know we never really celebrate our monthsaries but 8 MONTHS sounds like it's something worth mentioning, don't you think? If it wasn't for my brain who did all the switch-flicking—like, "EH, ISN'T TODAY OCTOBER 3RD?? OMG!"—we could have forgotten all about it!
Faktor usia sgtt...

2 months felt amazing, 4 months seemed surreal, and 8 months? Wow. I guess it's true when they say "time flies when you're having fun", which can only mean one thing:
we've had waaaaaay too much fun!!

May our love grow stronger and more beautiful with each passing day.

You know you've got THE best monthsary gift ever??


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